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Published by Twenty7 eBook, 30th June 2016, £4.99
A devastating and unsettling story of a powerful and unshakeable twin bond, Too Close is a twisty and gripping tale of secrets and lies. For fans of The Twins by Saskia Sarginson

Cecelia and Sebastian have a connection like no other – more than just brother and sister; they will go to any lengths to protect each other.
Growing up in a bleak old farmhouse, their mother gone and their father violent and abusive, the twins have only each other to keep them alive.
But when the secrets of their mother’s disappearance start to emerge, and truth and lies are thrown into question, events take a terrifying turn…
As Cecelia tries to break away from the ties that bind her to her brother, Sebastian is determined that the twins should be together – whatever the costs…

Gayle imageAbout the Author:  
Gayle writes her books from an old chapel in Norfolk where she lives with her husband, Christopher. She draws inspiration from abandoned buildings, the sea and very strange people.

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