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‘Later that night, they both laid in the depths of the feather down bed in Cecelia’s room, her body cupped in his, just as they had when they were small children. Two sea horses connected together, they bobbed gently along the sand, beneath the miasma of their turbulent ocean. Identical, symmetrical.’

Cecelia and Sebastian arrive home from school one Autumn day in 1984 to find their mother has disappeared. Sitting opposite the kitchen table to one another they wait for their father to come and tell them what has happened to her.

Cecelia grows up believing she was murdered, with Sebastian firmly in the knowledge she abandoned them.

A splintering crack begins to appear in their darkly stifling relationship and a terrible chain of events begins to swallow them into a chasm of tragedy. The aftermath of which begins to reveal the truth about their relationship and what really happened at White Horse Farm in 1984…



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